Harvest abundance

What's Helping Today: My late-summer garden

Hi hello good morning,

I wanted to send a brief but significant garden-related update: I’ve been harvesting fuckloads of stuff!

Like these big beautiful beets!

and this infant-sized zucchini….

and these pretty purple carrots….

Green beans! Potatoes! Cucumbers! Peaches! So many peaches! Rob estimated we harvested 200 peaches off of Belvis this year (and a few more from our new peach tree). It’s also shaping up to be the biggest apple harvest we’ve had in our four years here.

How I love this garden. Especially this time of year, when everything’s so overgrown and overwhelming, big tangles of vines and healthy happy weeds. I love trying to capture all this deliciousness before it fades — freezing zucchini muffins and carrot top pesto and marinara to enjoy in some months, when the world’s again cold. Stuff I’ll eat when I’m outside less and inside rewriting this book, as will be my focus starting sometime soon. Hope you are all taking care of your spirits, as best as you can.

Sending you love,

p.s. Music to garden to.

p.p.s. Please let me know if you know how to make cucumber pickles that don’t suck!

p.p.p.s. An update to my previous newsletter about JournalSpeak: After 50+ days of consecutively JournalSpeaking, back pain-free, I stopped doing so for a few days … and had a terrible back spasm, lasted a week! Suffice to say, I’ve resumed JournalSpeaking. I’m sorta continuously amazed by the apparent potentials of this practice.