It's Not Just Britney

New essay for The Cut on psychiatric patient civil rights

Hi hello,

As forecasted, I’ve been neglecting this newsletter; suffice to say, I’ve had a lot going on (including finishing a draft of the next book).

Anyway hi hello! I wanted to briefly share some a new essay I published today. I was grateful The Cut asked me to reflect on Britney Spears, because this story has seemed to get more people than ever interested in the civil rights of psych patients.

Link: “It’s Not Just Britney: In the U.S., those deemed “mentally ill” can easily lose basic rights

What’s Helping Today: Being afforded the space to share some of these more progressive ideas about ‘mental health’ with a mainstream audience.

Also birdsong. Big fluffy clouds. After I send this I’m gonna go sit in my hammock.

I expect you may not hear from me for a spell, as I continue to go through all I am. And as I do important stuff like sit in my hammock, admiring birdsong and big fluffy clouds.

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