Self Love

A first installment of What's Helping Today, a new Substack by author Sandy Allen


I hope you are hanging in there but also understand if you are not. It’s a very hard year for most all of us, some of us much more than others. I hope you can try to be kind to yourself. (Which, for me at least, is much easier said than done.)

If it's helpful, I've got excellent mental health-related resources and organizations linked on my website

I also wanted to share this Self recommendation of various mental health-related podcasts, which featured Mad Chat. Very cool when the show still gets recognized, even after this long hiatus. I do definitely aspire to bring it back, someday.

I've been extremely offline lately, focused on writing my next book. For a spell I was waking up at 4:30 or 5 am and typing typing typing. I've got a "full draft" now, which means a fuckton of work remains. It's very hard but also very exciting. Can’t wait to someday show you all what I’m creating.

What's Helping Today: 

Taking a few days off. Moving around houseplants. Making muffins. Looking at snow and snowshoeing through it. Donating breb to my local community pantry each week. Playing piano and singing. Yoga and (a little) meditation, most every afternoon. And, as of a few weeks ago: Finally starting T. 💙💗

As you’ve perhaps noticed, I moved this newsletter to Substack. It’ll basically be the same as my tinyletter, which was basically my blog, which was basically my Medium. (Shoutout to the Sunday Content fans!)

I’m gonna keep it free, for now.

I encourage you to forward and / or share with anyone who may be interested.

Thanks for supporting my work!

Substack auto-filled this “Subscribe now” button into this draft so …

I don’t understand Substack.

*crawls back inside my book draft*