Plant magic, even in winter

With some recommended podcasts and ~free advice for cis people~


What’s Helping Today:

Propagation, which I have been attempting for a few months and really adore. If you’ve never tried propagation but have a pothos for example, I recommend giving it a try! It’s super easy. Snip a portion (make sure it includes some little nodes, which will become roots). Set it in some water in a little jam jar, somewhere with bright, indirect light. (So not in direct sunlight.) Change the water every three days and it’ll grow roots.

When they’re big enough, you can plant them in a little soil in a little plastic pot (or a yogurt or like container with some holes punched in the bottom for drainage) and give them to a friend.

I love how, especially on a cold day, a cat always finds the brightest spot in the house, which is where the succulents and cacti are.

I like finding plant magic, even this time of year, when my garden is a large lump of snow. And I remind myself that though outside it is frigid, next month I’ll start seeds. Here’s to hoping I finish a book draft by then.

I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are some I’d recommend:

Marina Abramović on Design Matters (a few years old but still fantastic)

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema (a mental health-related podcast that I would and do put on my [short] list of recommended mh podcasts because uh most mh podcasts, like most mh media, are bad)

Home Cooking (which was my favorite pandemic podcast, though it’s since ended 😢. In case you haven’t yet heard it, you should! Whether you’re a pro chef or somebody who cannot cook at all)

Lost Notes 1980 (So many episodes are so great; I especially adored the Minnie Ripperton and Grace Jones ones.)

TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones (topical and very good. Loved this latest episode on Trans Love)

Gender Reveal (which has had an awesome sixth season lineup)

Cancel Me, Daddy (an exciting new show)

Take care,

p.s. If you missed last week’s first installment of this Substack, What’s Helping Today, here it is. (My bad; I’m getting used to this platform.) I am thinking I’ll send these on Sundays, because Sundays are the worst (for me at least, for reasons!). It’ll be an homage as well to Sunday Content, which I last wrote as I was launching the first book. Especially as I work on the next one, I probably won’t send this free newsletter every week. We’ll see.

p.p.s. Tell me What’s Helping Today! You can email me by writing the address listed on this page. Or ask a question and maybe I’ll answer it in a future installment.

p.p.p.s. Free advice to cis people: If your trans/gnc friend tells you they’re starting hormones or has other such news like an upcoming surgery, just say something like: “Awesome! Congrats! ❤️ ” Offer support, if that’s the sort of relationship you have. Or, (again if it makes sense for you two), send a sweet card or gift. No need to become a philosopher about the nature of gender. No need to ask (invasive) medical questions, especially ones the internet can easily answer. Later, if you remember, reach out to your friend to ask how they’re doing. It’ll maybe mean a lot! And hey, consider watching Disclosure or something, spend like a COUPLE OF MINUTES reflecting on the (often profound) gap between your impression of trans/gnc people and our realities. If you haven’t started contemplating how you can do better, in terms of showing up for those you know, there is no time like the present.